Solo Travel Packing List for Females (100 Crucial Items)-part2

Clothing and footwear

The season you travel in, your luggage size, your duration and type of trip (e.g. adventure, backpacking, luxury, etc.) The type of clothing and footwear you choose for your female solo trip packing list will depend on the destination.

  • Underwear x7
  • Sports bras, sports bras and bras in a variety of styles x 3
  • socks 5 Include one pair thick, dry-tech hiking sock for trekking.
  • Bikini or swimsuit x1 – Take a pair of shorts that you can use as sports shorts AND swimming shorts.
  • Shorts, Biker shorts Avoid wearing denim shorts. Most women complain that they cause chafing. Instead, take cotton, linen or moisture-wicking fabric.
  • A skirt x 2– Many women find that a short skirt is more cool and comfortable when travelling alone to summer destinations.
  • Dresses x1 – Many solo female travelers will wear dresses for semi-formal events (e.g. Going out to the bar for drinks.
  • Many female travelers choose to wear yoga pants or leggings when they are hiking or exploring a destination on foot.
  • Tops, tee shirts or blouses in a variety of styles
  • Long sleeved shirt x1 Offers warmth and sun protection for women traveling alone in the winter.
  • Sweatshirt (x1) Even warm destinations get cold at times, especially during the night. Bring a sweatshirt, hoodie or jacket for extra warmth.
  • Pyjamas
  • Wide Brim Hat x1 – Keep your hair off your face.
  • If you are visiting a culture that is modest (e.g. You may need to cover your head to visit certain places in South Asian or Islamic countries.
  • Protect your eyes against sun damage with sunglasses , and a case. It is especially important to wear sunglasses when you are visiting the snow or sea.
  • Poncho or Rain Jacket x1 If you are travelling alone during wet seasons, bring a rain shell or jacket that fits into a small bag. A throwaway poncho will do if you only expect to encounter rain on occasion.
  • Sneakers or trainersx1 It is worth buying a pair of good women’s sneakers or trainers that offer comfort, grip and support. When travelling alone, these will be the main shoes you wear.
  • Flip flops or sandals, x1: All women traveling alone should pack flip-flops. You can use them at the beach or in the shower. They are also great for walking around the accommodation, and to make quick trips into nearby shops.
  • Throwaway Shorts (x1) – A pair of old shorts you can wear for adventure and then throw away afterward.
  • A tee shirt that can be thrown away after getting dirty.
  • Jeans and trousers (optional). During your solo trip, you may find yourself in a bar, restaurant or nightclub where women are expected to dress up.
  • Belt (optional)
  • Walking shoes (optional). Only bring hiking boots or shoes if you are planning to do a lot of walking during your solo trip. It isn’t worth it to carry extra luggage.

Winter clothes

Add these extra clothes to the list of clothing for women who travel alone if you are travelling in winter.

  • Jacket x1 — The outer layer which will protect you against wind and rain and trap heat.
  • Fleece x1 A middle layer which traps the heat and dries fast.
  • Tracksuit Pants x1– Comfortable pants trapping heat.
  • Thermal shirt and pants (optional). These layers are necessary for subfreezing temperature travel.
  • Winter neckwarmer or scarf x1
  • gloves (optional) A pair of simple woollen glove may be sufficient. In extreme temperatures and when it is wet or cold, waterproof gloves are recommended.


While most women are fine with roughing it out, other travellers will not want to be around you if your body odor is bad. Pack a bag of toiletries with these items for your female solo travel list.

  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste– Protect your toothbrush from bacteria by storing it in a travel case.
  • Roll on deodorant– The roll-on type deodorant for women is smaller, and easier to travel with than the spray-type deodorant.
  • Makeup and cosmetics Don’t carry more than you need: lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, blusher/bronzer compacts, eyeshadow palettes, foundation.
  • Travel-sized makeup brush kit If you do not want to bring your beautiful makeup brushes with you, this set will save on space.
  • Skincare: cleanser, moisturizer, exfoliator eye make-up remover makeup wipes.
  • Clips, hair ties and scrunchies
  • UV Sunscreen– Place in ziplock plastic bag. Many women like to use a separate sunscreen for their face.
  • Protect lips against sun damage with .
  • Shaving cream and razors (or a rechargeable bikini trimming tool): While a blade gives you a closer shave on your body and legs, an electric trimmer is much more convenient.
  • Medication on prescription– Purchase enough medication for solo travel. When travelling abroad, you don’t need to go see a doctor.
  • Sanitary Products– Tampons or pads .
  • Condoms – Women travelling alone should carry their own condoms, in the event that men are not carrying them. It’s more comforting to use a brand new condom from a packet. You may want to pack an pill for emergency contraception.
  • Mosquito repellent – Particularly useful when traveling to countries with high malaria rates and other mosquito-borne diseases (e.g. Asia, Africa and South America.
  • Hand sanitiser – Store it in your bag to easily clean your hands after using the toilet and before eating.
  • Travel Pack– Purchase a smaller travel pack instead of a larger box.
  • Masks – A face mask may make you feel more comfortable if someone is coughing next to you on an airplane or bus ride.
  • Shampoo and conditioner in solid form – You will rarely find shampoo or conditioner at hostels. Motels, Airbnbs, and hotels may provide shampoo or conditioner. These items can be purchased at the destination to save space.
  • Bar of body soap (optional)._ Most hostels do not supply soap or body wash. Motels, Airbnbs, and hotels may provide soap or body wash. When you are at your destination, you can buy your bodywash to reduce the amount of space you have in your suitcase.
  • Anti-motion sickness tablets (optional). Especially important for those who suffer from motion sickness, or travel by air or water.
  • Band-Aids (optional)
  • Ointment antibacterial (optional). – Cleanse and sanitise minor cuts and bites in order to avoid infection.
  • Q-tips (optional)


Women solo travellers are exposed to unique risks that the majority of tourists will never experience. These safety items are essential for solo female travellers.

  • TSA approved padlocks– Keep your luggage and bag secured to avoid theft. The best locks to use are combination locks, as you do not need a key.
  • Drink cover nightcap scrunchy Optional Wear it as a scrunchy on your wrist or in your hair. It converts into a cup-cover when you’re out drinking and prevents creeps from spilling your drink.
  • Acemining Portable Door Lock Optional Allows you lock any hotel door. It only takes 10 seconds for the lock to be installed and it prevents anyone from turning the handle.
  • ZZRUI security door alarm Optional Jam behind closed doors to prevent intruders. The alarm will alert you to anyone trying to open your door.
  • Faux smartphone and faux cash (optional). If you are travelling alone through a hazardous destination, place a fake phone in your pocket and keep your cash and real money separate. If you are robbed or mugged, hand the fakes over and leave immediately.

Miscellaneous extras

These odd items can be added to the list of things you should pack for a solo trip. Others will make the trip easier or more fun.

  • SIM Card Tool Required to remove and replace your smartphone SIM with a local SIM.
  • Pen — Useful for quickly filling in forms, like immigration arrival cards.
  • Bobby Pin
  • Microfiber Towel Quick Drying – A smaller towel that dries faster than bath towels or beach towels.
  • Garbage bag Can be used for storing wet swimmingwear and rubbish.
  • Travel pillow inflatable (optional). – Keep your head in place and sleep comfortably on trains, planes and buses.
  • Case for loop earplugs (optional). If you are going to be in a dorm with snoring men and women, then you need to add earplugs on your list of female travel essentials.
  • Case and eye mask Optional – Great for blocking the light in dorm rooms.
  • A pocket knife is optional. can be used to fix things, pick up splinters or do other odd jobs. Double-check that it can be stored in checked luggage.
  • A headlamp (optional). Can come in handy when you are camping, or if you need to dig around your backpack in the dark of a hostel. It is more convenient, however, to use your phone’s torch.
  • A lighter (optional). While this item is primarily for smokers it can be an excellent way for solo female travellers to meet new people.
  • A small souvenir from home (optional).– Bring a photo from home or another memento to make you feel more at home when you are homesick.

Photographic (optional).

Create stunning social media content to share your experiences with others and increase your following. These photography accessories should be on the list of female solo travelers’ packing lists.

  • Take a Camera – If you are looking for high quality photos, then take only a camera with telephoto lens. If you want to take some good photos, the camera on your smartphone should do it. It will also save you time and hassle.
  • Cleaning kit for your camera Keep lenses and mirrors clear to capture sharp images.
  • Charger and battery for the camera
  • Action Camera GoPro optional – Do you want to capture the best moments of your solo journey? Bring your GoPro.
  • Backpack camera bag optional – Shoulder bags for cameras can make travelling alone a hassle. Consider buying a camera backpack that has storage compartments to hold your lenses and cameras.
  • A selfie stick Optional – Save you from having to constantly ask other people to take your photos. Many selfie sticks can also be converted into tripods and come with a remote to take amazing landscape photos.
  • Tripod for camera _ Capture high-speed or landscape shots without shaking the camera. It is also useful when taking selfies.
  • Microphone (for camera/smartphone) Optional – Record crystal clear audio while videoing on your smartphone or camera.
  • pro smartphone lens kit Optional – Take epic landscape shots with the wide angle (45%) lens. The macro lens magnifies nearby objects for stunning close-ups.
  • MicroSD memory card Optional – Purchase a SD card with 256GB or more to take many photos and videos.
  • SD Card to Lightning Adapter Optional – Transfer pictures from your SD Card to your iPad within seconds. This is perfect if you are planning to do a lot of photo editing.