Essential Packing Checklist for Solo Female Travelers (Part 1)

Wondering what to pack for solo female travel? Worried about forgetting essentials? Don’t stress. Take advantage of my female solo travel packing checklist for a smooth and hassle-free trip preparation.

The packing list includes 100 essential items for women traveling alone. This is a great option for short summer trips (a few weeks to several months) as well as long term travel.

Also, I have listed the items which should NOT be on a list of female travel essentials. Also, I share with you my top 10 tips on packing for travel and help you choose between a backpack or suitcase.

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Documents and essential

No matter where or when you travel, certain items and documents are essential for every solo female traveler.

  • Passport – Required to travel internationally and pass immigration. It can also be used by the police, accommodation staff, or medical personnel as an ID.
  • Driving license If you intend to drive around the destination you should check if you need an International Driving Permit.
  • Visas Check if you require a visa for your chosen destination. You can use your government’s official travel advice or the Visa Checker.
  • Reservations and Tickets You’ll likely already have all your flight, transportation and booking details stored on your email. You can download the files into a folder in your phone if you do not have access to internet. Printing copies is another option in the event that you misplace your phone.
  • Debit and credit cards Before you leave, notify your bank of your plans to travel overseas. This will prevent your cards from being blocked. Consider getting a debit card for travel to save money on withdrawal, transaction and exchange fees.
  • Local Currency Visit a currency exchange and buy $100 to $200 USD before you leave. It may be necessary when you get there to pay for transportation from the airport and your accommodations.
  • Additional passport photos Can be used to replace lost or stolen documents while overseas.
  • Copy of your ID Scan your passport, your driving license and other forms of identification and save them as digital copies. Print a copy and carry it around with you.
  • Certificate of vaccination Some countries require or recommend that you show proof upon arrival. You can check the CDC’s list of destinations.
  • Bank Statements– Certain countries require that you show a minimum amount in savings at the time of entry.
  • Documents proving travel insurance_ Some countries require proof of insurance at the time of entry.
  • Emergency Contacts– Keep a paper handy with the emergency contact information (just in case your phone is lost). Set up emergency contact features on your iPhone and Android.
  • A thin folder of plastic is a great way to organize all your essential travel documents for women. Keep it in your bag.
  • Travel wallet – When travelling alone, use a wallet to keep your cards and cash in one place.

Backpacks and bags

The majority of female solo travelers carry a large suitcase for their luggage and one small bag to carry on. They also carry a backpack as if it were merely slinging around a few items. The type of gear you take will determine your setup. You will need to consider how flexible you are and how much you enjoy travelling.

  • The 55-litre travel bag (suitcase) is the best option for carrying your clothing and toiletries. If you are a solo female traveling, read the following section to help decide whether a bag or a case is best for your travels. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Small Backpack Day/Carry-on Bag This backpack is designed to carry electronics, documents of importance and other small items. Travel backpacks of high quality (like the Osprey Fairview, for example) include a daypack that can be detached.
  • Shoulder bag with anti-theft or cross-body fanny-pack – Use a shoulder or waist-fanny-pack to transport small items during day-trips (if you do not want to bring a backpack). It is perfect for my wallet, phone, sunnies, lip balm, and charging cable. It is stored in my backpack when not in use.
  • For keeping your toiletries in one place. Women travelling alone will find a hanging bag more convenient to use because they can easily access their cosmetics.
  • Ziplock Bags – 3 Required for liquid cosmetics and toiletries in carry-on bags on planes. They can also keep your smartphone dry when it’s wet.
  • A dry bag is optional if you are planning to do water sports like kayaking and tubing.
  • Rain cover for backpack (optional). If you’re travelling in the rainy seasons and are worried about getting your bag wet, consider a rain cover.


What electronic gadgets and devices a woman packs for a solo trip will depend on the length of her journey, whether she plans to take countless photos and if she needs to be able work while travelling.

  • Your Smartphone, Case and . Your phone is your only lifeline if you are a woman travelling alone. It is important to protect your smartphone with a screen protector and a shockproof case.
  • Cable with 3 connectors: lightning, USB C, and Micro USB. It can be used to recharge all of my devices, including iPhone, iPad, Airpods and GoPro without having multiple cables.
  • Local SIM Cards – In most cases, you’ll buy local SIM cards when arriving in your destination. Sometimes you can order them ahead of time and collect them at the airport. Make sure to buy a SIM that has plenty of data.
  • The global adapter– Instead of buying adapters for every country you visit, purchase a universal adapter that has multiple USB A or USB C charging ports. Make sure it comes with adapters for USA, UK and EU.
  • Apple Airpod Pros 2 – Earbuds take up less room than headphones. My Airpod Pros are also protected with a Rubber Case.
  • Airfly Bluetooth receiver — Listen to movies in the plane on Bluetooth headphones. It only takes 10 seconds for you to get it set up, and then you can stop using those crappy airplane earphones.
  • VPN — One of the most important solo traveling safety tips, is to use a VPN to protect yourself before connecting to any Wi-Fi public network. You will be protected from data theft.
  • is the most useful navigation app when traveling alone overseas. You can download maps offline and store points of interests so you will always know where you are without an internet connection.
  • Laptop Sleeve case (optional). It’s not essential to bring your laptop with you unless it is for business. You can do most of the booking and planning on your phone.
  • iPad – It is not essential to pack a tablet for solo female travelers. It is useful if you wish to watch or read a movie. This can be useful for software that edits photos.
  • The Kindle e-reader Optional Do not bring a separate e-reader when you already have a tablet on your list of solo travel items. Use apps like Apple Books or Amazon Kindle to save space on your tablet.
  • A power bank Optional If you are taking a portable charger, make sure it is in your hand luggage. You cannot store it in checked baggage on flights.
  • Airtag (optional). Place the Airtag inside your luggage to track it if you lose or steal it.
  • Nintendo Switch is optional. will keep you entertained on long flights or lonely nights.