Discover hotel discounts with savings of up to 50% off!

Hotel prices vary across countries, so it’s worth checking offers from different regions and platforms. Utilize Google Translate for foreign-language OTA platforms to access deals easily.

This is a great example:
Hotel chains on the Mexican Riviera, e.g. Prices are based on the majority of American clients. It is worth comparing the price of this hotel with European tour operators (including German ones). Hotels often charge different rates to European tour companies because Europeans travel a lot further. Here we often can find great deals.

It is quite popular to stay at “Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun Adults Only“, located near Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.
On, you can book a double in November for about EUR 728/US$ 710 (all-inclusive) per night.
You can get a Junior Suite Double Tropical View Room for as low as EUR 730 (included) per night at
AllTours, a German Tour Operator: a Junior suite with partial Seaview is only EUR 368 per day (all inclusive).
Below are screenshots of the same dates.

Book a Room:

Exemple on (same date): US$ 674/EUR 730 per night for a room (All Inclusive).

The Dertur Example is available in German for only EUR 368/ US$350 per room/night. Price per person EUR 193 for double occupancy

This German tour operator website offers a hotel deal that is approximately 50 percent less compared to the usual booking sites such as,, Orbiz, and so on.

This works in most of the hotels on Mexico’s Riviera Maya as well as in Florida and many Caribbean hotels.
You can get good deals and discounts here, especially if you are looking for hotels that have a contract with an European tour operator.Hotel deals can be up to 70% cheaper.