Essential Travel Accessories for Infants and Toddlers

Traveling with kids becomes simpler with high-quality yet budget-friendly baby and toddler gear. When you’re well-prepared, even challenging moments become manageable. Having learned through experience, I can share insights from a seasoned traveling parent.

Please be aware that I am always looking for high-quality items at a reasonable price. This can add up. We want plenty left over for big adventures, luxurious hotels and luxury rooms. ?

This list is the result of a great deal of research to help you make travels more enjoyable. You will be able to save time, money and headaches by using this list.

My New Favorites:

The perfect toddler bag

It’s going to be a great gift for my daughter on her 3rd birthday. This is so cute! She will also be able wheel it by herself. The footrest will be a perfect addition to the airplane. Win, win.

Crawling Kneepads

They protected her legs and prevented her trousers from becoming too dirty. This is a great product, particularly for exploring the outdoors and in airports.

Apple AirTag

Apple AirTags will help me keep track of our children on the next market visit in November, as they are no longer at our hips.

It connects instantly to an iPad or iPhone with just one click. The Find My app is used by these devices to find the AirTag. This is really cool.

They are also useful for tracking luggage, diaper bags (don’t want to lose those!) These are also useful for tracking suitcases, diaper backpacks (don’t want to lose that!!! If that’s the case, it is best to have a stockpile.

Amazon has a wide range of AirTags options, from wristbands to Disney keychains to jewelry. If you want to hide it, consider attaching it inside your child’s clothes.

Must have’s for

Backpack Diaper Bag

With a backpack that has lots of space for storage, you can keep your hands organized and free.

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack offers all of that, and more.

The product is durable, and it has been used for several trips without showing any signs of wear. If the warranty does fail, you will be protected. This is a huge deal and well worth it.

Travel Stroller

Summer 3D Lite Convenience stroller is the one I’ve always chosen when I search for a travel stroller to suit our needs.

The chair is lightweight ( , of course). It also folds quickly. The chair has enough space underneath for storage and a large recline to allow for naps. It’s also tall enough for either my 6’4″ or 6’3″ husband.

Walking is our passion. We are walkers. The perfect pram is still going strong after many many miles on grass, gravel or cobblestone.

Separate handles are useful for hanging a bag on either side of the backpack, or even on top! You’d be surprised at how much it can take! Do not be fooled by the low price.

The stroller is a reliable product that has not let us down! !

Travel Car Seat

Evenflo Tribute 5 for toddlers and babies is the top choice. The Evenflo Tribute 5 is my top pick for babies and toddlers. It weighs less than 10 pounds but can hold up to 40 pounds. Both of our children have enjoyed it. The kids sleep comfortably on long European Road Trips without complaining.

The aircraft is affordable, light, comfortable and narrow. It has also been FAA-approved.

Car Seat Travel Belt

It is easy to connect a car-seat to your luggage to travel through airports or on a plane (if you are traveling alone). Make sure the strap is tight so that the car seat does not slide to one side.

Consider the backpack if you do not think that the belt is right for you.

Backpack or Car Seat Bag

We check in our car seats with a bag at the airport.

We use the backpack carrier to keep our hands free when we travel with small children, particularly through airports.

The bag in question is huge. It can fit an infant car and travel toddler seat, with diapers between them, and more (like three pairs hiking boots).

It’s not very stylish. It’s okay to look like a fool. It’s worth it, depending on your destination and the amount of luggage. These little toddlers are going to be embarrassing teenagers in no time. Why not start right now?

It’s free to check in baby gear with most major airlines. This is a good way to reduce the amount of luggage you need.

When checking the safety of a child’s car seat, there are tips for safety and risks to be considered.

Baby Carrier

My first child was carried in the carrier quite a bit. My physical therapist would probably tell you that I carried my first son too often.

It was convenient to use the carrier in places where a stroller might have been difficult (such as cobblestone streets or train stations).

The Infantino was my go-to carrier for babies who were still very young. The Infantino is cheap and simple. It was so easy and cheap. Amazon has also rated it as a best seller. As they grew we switched to one with a built in seat for comfort and support. The seat can make it a little bulky, but the bag can easily be placed in the car seat or stroller at the airport.

Now that we hike so often, the only carrier we bring is the hiking carrier. The hiking carrier is more comfortable than other carriers, despite its bulky appearance.

The large car seat can fit in this bag. It was money well spent.

Kids Headphones

It’s worth investing in headphones to help your child focus and avoid disturbing others.

These noise-cancelling headphones are very comfortable and sound great. When our five-year old wears these headphones for Beach Buggy Racing on his tablet and homeschooling, he really feels in the zone.

The sound of airline headphones is not good for small ears. Bring your own headphones and cords to use with the inflight entertainment.

Stroller Clips

These are used a lot to clip a blanket onto something. It is used to make the baby fall asleep on the airplane, while in the stroller, and in hotel rooms.