What classic white wines does Spain have?

1.Albariño dry white

Albariño originates from the Galicia region in Spain and is a unique white grape variety known for its aromatic qualities and exceptional quality. Albariño grapes are small with thick skins, high sweetness, and a relatively high glycerol content, sharing almost identical characteristics with Germany’s white grape queen, Riesling. This grape variety thrives in humid maritime climates, yet thrives best in dry soils. Although it has a low yield and is susceptible to disease and pests, wines made from Albariño exhibit a diverse range of styles, from light to full-bodied. Overall, Albariño white wines are characterized by high alcohol content, high acidity, and prominent aromas, often with distinct notes of apricot and peach.

2.Godello dry white

Godello, also hailing from the Galicia region in northwest Spain, shares its grape variety with Portugal’s Verdelho. It flourishes in drier climates, especially excelling in vineyards nestled on steep granite or slate slopes. Godello grapes mature early, boasting small, compact clusters with high sugar content and moderate to high acidity. With its robust vitality and acidity, Godello white wines are endowed with significant aging potential.

3.Viognier dry white

Viognier grapes have large, tightly packed clusters with thick skins, and they ripen later than many other varieties. They are susceptible to bacterial and mold infections and are not well-suited to cool, humid environments. However, Viognier exhibits good resistance to heat and drought, thriving in arid, infertile soils, and producing grapes that ripen early. Wines made from this grape variety typically have moderate alcohol content and acidity, making them suitable for consumption when young while also possessing some aging potential.

4.Sherry fortified wine

Wines made from Palomino grapes typically exhibit moderate characteristics with moderate alcohol content and acidity, presenting a subtle fruit flavor. However, they distinctly reflect the salty freshness of the Albariza white soils found in Sherry wine-producing regions.

On the other hand, mature PX grapes boast exceptionally high sugar content, balanced by equally high acidity, often dried into raisins for crafting sweet wines. Due to the risks associated with its cultivation in humid climates, the planting of PX grapes is declining in slightly wetter Sherry wine-producing areas. With low yields, wines made from PX grapes tend to command higher prices.

Moscatel, with its early ripening and high productivity, is characterized by intense floral and honey aromas. Like PX grapes, they are often sun-dried to produce sweet wines. Additionally, it’s worth noting that sweet-style Sherries made from Moscatel are frequently blended with dry Sherries to create Sherries of varying sweetness levels.

Of course, the flavors of wines from different regions vary greatly. If you’re looking to try the most authentic and delicious Spanish white wines, why not check out Vinoselección? They offer a selection of the finest wines for you to enjoy!