Strategies for Capturing Stunning Architectural Photography

An important aspect of travel photography involves capturing monuments, landmarks, and architectural marvels. If you’re embarking on a city break, these tips will prove invaluable.

1. Incorporate people into your shots to provide a sense of scale

Ideally, and most of the time, we want nobody in the frame when we take photos of a monument or a landmark. But with popular tourist destinations, it’s not always possible to have the place to yourself.

In this case, embrace the people. Let them be in the frame, and be ready to capture when these people are in the ‘right’ position in the frame to make a good composition. When done right, you can use people to emphasize the majesty of a landmark or building.

Just imagine how you can frame these images and hang them all over your walls. Amazing, right? !

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2. Focus on the smaller things to find interesting patterns and details

When photographing a landmark, we often focus on getting wide-angle shots to show it as a whole. There’s nothing wrong with that, but after you’ve got it covered, focus on smaller parts of the building, as this is the best way to find interesting details and patterns.

One technique to try is zooming in and looking through the lens. This will train your eyes to see the smaller things that you might miss when you look at the bigger picture.

3. Play with different angles and perspectives

Buildings and landmarks shots can fall flat without a little twist. Just imagine, thousands of people who have come before you might have taken the same shots at the exact same spot. Tilt your camera, find a higher vantage point, or lay down and point your camera upwards; be as creative as you can to give your images the ‘wow’ factor.

4. Use lines and shapes to create geometric patterns

Another way to create unusual shots is by playing with lines and shapes to create unique patterns that can be the focus of your photo. Combined with unique angles and points of view, the results can be extraordinary. Just let your imagination run wild!