Top Dubai Tours You Shouldn’t Miss (Part 2)

1.Optimal Helicopter Excursion in Dubai

Embarking on a helicopter journey over Dubai’s skyline ranks among the most thrilling excursions available. Your tour operator will designate the launch point for your expedition.

  • Enjoy the upside-down view from your helicopter and get close to landmarks.
  • You can fly over Dubai’s most famous landmarks, including the Atlantis Hotel and the Atlantis Hotel at the Atlantis Hotel.
  • Ask the pilot to hover above specific landmarks as you record a video using your camera equipment.

2.Dubai Seaplane Tour

Enjoy the stunning sights of Dubai from a seaplane. The seaplane will depart from Dubai Creek. Enjoy the uniqueness of boarding a seaplane that is parked in the water.

  • Take your binoculars and camera to the skies and enjoy the spectacular views from the Palm Jumeirah Islands. Also, take in Burj Al Arab, World Islands, Jebel Aly, Port Rashid and Dubai Marina.
  • You will see the scale of Dubai’s construction projects and their magnificence from the seaplane.
  • You’ll land your seaplane at Dubai Creek after the trip, but only after you’ve enjoyed the most amazing time.

3.Hot Air Balloon Tour in Dubai

  • The excursion begins at dawn, before sunrise.
  • The basket beneath the balloon can usually hold 24 passengers. You can also book an excursion for just your group.
  • Watch the sun rise over the desert as the balloon drifts into the air.
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet in the early morning far from the bustle of the city.
  • Enjoy watching the desert falcons as they ride air currents. The falcons dip and soar in the air like they’re superior instruments.
  • Enjoy a spectacular flight over Dubai’s desert before breakfast. As your balloon drifts across the desert, you will see craggy cliffs and dunes.
  • Be prepared to snap pictures of the animals you see on your desert tour.
  • After you have landed, you will be taken to the hotel after a delicious gourmet meal.