Top Dubai Tours You Shouldn’t Miss (Part 3)

1. Dubai Desert Safari

Safari is one of the most popular activities in Dubai.

  • Comel ride through dunes to feel like a Bedouin in the desert
  • Hold on to your life during this 4×4 adventure. You’re on a roller coaster.
  • If you’re inclined, ride an ATV across the dunes.
  • Sandboard down the dunes of the desert, screaming your way down.

Safari Park

  • You’ll be amazed by the incredible abilities of these aerial predators.
  • Watch out for desert animals such as the Arabian Oryx and gazelles. This is one of the most exciting things to do when in Dubai.

Nocturnal Safari

  • With an expert guide, will trek into the desert as night begins to fall on camels. Watch the desert bloom at night and spot nocturnal animals.
  • The desert’s dunes will be bathed by moonlight and you can enjoy the cooler weather.

Overnight Desert Safari and Evening Safari

  • Quad Biking Dubai Desert Safaris
  • Enjoy the belly dance and Tanura while an expert henna painter creates beautiful designs on your feet and hands.
  • A full Emirati barbecue with continental cuisine and a buffet is included. Learn how to bake bread in the desert and get to know locals.
  • Relax on cushions while you smoke your sheesha like a desert nomad.
  • A night spent under the stars in Dubai will conclude your overnight safari. The desert is quiet and peaceful at night.

2.Dhow Cruise Dubai

Imagine taking a cruise of Dubai in a beautifully-renovated dhow, complete with onboard cultural entertainment and dinner. You can enjoy Dubai’s famous Dhow Cruise.

  • You’ll enjoy the spectacular skyline of Dubai for two hours as you cruise along the Persian Gulf.
  • Sign up for a Dhow Cruise of the Dubai Canal or Dubai Creek, and enjoy the many delights.
  • Air-conditioned cabins, soft music and plenty of refreshments are available onboard.
  • The henna tattoo artists will soon be busy tattooing the hands and feet of the guests while belly dancers perform to Arabian music.
  • The amazing buffet will be ready to serve before you even know it. The dhow is a gastronomic delight. You can take pictures and enjoy the clean view as you cruise slowly by Dubai’s amazing landmarks.